A few of my favorites….

As you know I’ve been dabbling in the real food kitchen and really trying to overhaul our health.  I have gotten sidetracked the past couple weeks but am committed to get back on track.  In order to do that, I have compiled a list of six of my favorite blog posts that really got me started in real food/health overhaul.






I also have some blogs that I frequent weekly for meal ideas.  These are lifesaver sites and I am so very thankful for them!





I’m in the process of compiling a list of my favorite go-to recipes, as well.  Stay tuned for that blog post!


Cue Takeout

I’ve been dabbling in the real food kitchen for a while now and am so ready to take the full plunge.  I have been doing certain things here and there and they have now become staples in the house – but the other staples haven’t quite left…the bags of chips, specifically.  As a working mom to a 13 month old, life is hectic and time is not my friend.  I prep on the weekends for the week but come the weeknight, I am tired and exhausted and just want to have something ready to go (cue takeout).  So the weekend prep has turned in to strictly breakfast and lunch for my husband and me throughout the week and much less about the entire week of food prep.  That is my main focus to change right now.  If I can get back to planning out all meals, including dinners, with an extra hour of work on the weekends my week will be healthier, cheaper and more in line with the goal I have for us.  This is my public declaration that I will begin posting weekly meal plans to not only help you out, but the keep myself in line and on point.

Here is a quick run-down of what I am doing during this transition phase:

  • Weekly soaked bread for the family to eat
  • Weekly kombucha for the family to drink (although I am the only one drinking it at the moment)
  • Raw cheese
  • Organic, pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows (not the best option, but the best option for us right now)
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Weekly roasted organic whole chicken for weekly meals and weekly bone broth (see picture
  • Sprouting wheat berries for sprouted flour
  • Homemade gummies for healthy snacks

What still needs to get worked through for this transition to be complete (not a complete list):

  • Trips to the inside aisles of the grocery store for chips, cookies, donuts, etc.  
  • Not soaking or sprouting my quinoa or rice
  • I want to start making water kefir and drinking raw milk
  • I want to start drinking my bone broth instead of just cooking with it
  • We use eating out as an option way too often
Slow Cooker Chicken Stock

Slow Cooker Chicken Bone Broth

Taking the Leap {of faith}

Making a healthy home is not easy, cheap or not stressful.  It is, however, simple and so worth it.  We have recently jumped into the world of essential oils and I must say, I am loving them!  My husband is still a bit skeptical of their ability and depth, but I have full trust in them.  I’ve researched different companies and oils and decided to jump in head first with Young Living Essential Oils.

It is so easy to be skeptical of these oils because they are not mainstream.  They aren’t used everywhere, it seems expensive and it seems a very “hippie” thing to do.  We are not rich and we are not hippies, but I know this is right for us.  My gut, my faith, tells me that this is exactly what we need to be doing for our home right now.  This Leap of Faith is the best feeling I’ve had in a while – it combines my passion of health and wellness with my passion for my faith… what better situation is there to be in?

I am still learning all there is to know – and to be honest, there is so much information, I don’t know if I’ll ever know everything.  What I do know is I am cleaning out our medicine cabinet and replacing all the OTC meds with oils.  Think I’m crazy?  Take a look below – there is an oil for EVERYTHING!  I cannot wait to be completely med free and a whole-oil home.

There will be many posts to come about our amazing experiences with the oils and for the journey we are on.  Stay tuned and please let me know what questions you have.  I’m happy to help you learn, research and get started with the oils.

who are we?

Hi all and welcome to this journey!  The blog is intended to share the journey we are on of transforming our lives from the inside out.  We are changing our food, our workouts (well, mine… His are moving along well), our medicine and our faith.  Well – our faith is remaining where it is, but we hope to share it and live it better.

Through real food, essential oils, Bible studies, laughter and love – we will get to the life that is intended for us by God.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we will!