Taking the Leap {of faith}

Making a healthy home is not easy, cheap or not stressful.  It is, however, simple and so worth it.  We have recently jumped into the world of essential oils and I must say, I am loving them!  My husband is still a bit skeptical of their ability and depth, but I have full trust in them.  I’ve researched different companies and oils and decided to jump in head first with Young Living Essential Oils.

It is so easy to be skeptical of these oils because they are not mainstream.  They aren’t used everywhere, it seems expensive and it seems a very “hippie” thing to do.  We are not rich and we are not hippies, but I know this is right for us.  My gut, my faith, tells me that this is exactly what we need to be doing for our home right now.  This Leap of Faith is the best feeling I’ve had in a while – it combines my passion of health and wellness with my passion for my faith… what better situation is there to be in?

I am still learning all there is to know – and to be honest, there is so much information, I don’t know if I’ll ever know everything.  What I do know is I am cleaning out our medicine cabinet and replacing all the OTC meds with oils.  Think I’m crazy?  Take a look below – there is an oil for EVERYTHING!  I cannot wait to be completely med free and a whole-oil home.

There will be many posts to come about our amazing experiences with the oils and for the journey we are on.  Stay tuned and please let me know what questions you have.  I’m happy to help you learn, research and get started with the oils.


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