I belong. You do, too.

Let’s get real for a minute, shall we? I’ve been completely off the blog grid for over a year now and wow, do I miss it. I am an introvert and I have a difficult time talking to people…but I can write to people and I can find comfort in sharing my experience with others. This blog is still serving its original purpose – to document our journey of being a healthy and happy home through learning, laughter and love but I will be adding in different pieces. I have decided to give us a facelift and I will be working on it – so be kind through the construction.

Today I felt the push to write again, so let’s catch up. The past year has brought us a pregnancy and healthy baby girl, Elisabeth. We are now complete as a family of four. Our real food kitchen got thrown out the window during the pregnancy due to every excuse in the book. The second time around life is so different. I could no longer just sit and stroke my belly, wondering what that baby would look like. Instead, I would pray at night she wouldn’t be disfigured from her brother climbing and crawling and needing to be held right on top of her.

If you remember from back in January 2014, I began using essential oils in our home. Wow. Can I just say WOW. What a decision that was. God had his hand in that one 100% and the journey I have been on this past year has been one for the books. Not only did we begin using the oils but I started sharing about them. Long story short, I have been able to make my dreams come true with these oils. January 16, 2015, was my last day of work at ASU and I am now a full-time, work at home mom.

So let’s back up a bit. I know what you are thinking. There is no way essential oils have gotten you to where you are. Let me tell you…. It isn’t the oils. It is the team. I have been so blessed to be a part of the Lemon Droppers within Young Living. Again, God was watching over me because while I was about to order my starter kit through a random person, He had my dear friend reach out to me and share her new journey with me….and so it began. I was guided to the Lemon Droppers and I will not look back. We are led by a woman who has a heart bigger than any I have encountered and a work ethic to match. She throws blood, sweat and tears into creating this career for us, to give us the materials and support we need. Incredible. The talent Lindsay possesses is one I can only imagine. So, yes, essential oils have a part in getting me where I am – but the Lemon Droppers have all of the credit.

Remember above where I said I have a difficult time talking to people? Yeah – most people don’t realize how much of an introvert I am and how much I dislike conflict. I can force myself, in the necessary situations, to do what needs to be done…but at the end of the day, I like my small support system of my family to help me recharge. It is amazing to me how day by day the small support system of my family is growing. This team, this dream, this amazingness called the Lemon Droppers have become my family. I am a Lemon Dropper. I believe in this team and I have their back and I know they all have mine. I have gotten such encouragement from so many to help me gently get out of my comfort zone and reach for my dreams. I find myself being so thankful, daily, for each of them. The funny thing? I have not met 99% of them in person (but I cannot wait for the day I am able to)! We all share, we all believe, we all belong. This is what this life is about…being my best me. Each and every day I am able to wake up, live my dream and keep working to be my best me all while belonging to a piece of history, amazing history. “The Lemon Droppers is the place for everybody else. We’re more than just a business. We are a tribe, a clan, a family”. We are all a part of this. We are in this together and she inspired me to get back to this blog and write. Not think, just do. Stop questioning every single thing I do and just do it.

So as I get back into it – know there is a lot coming at you. I will continue to document the journey of my family but I will also be sharing my story, my life, my growth and my dreams. I will be sharing my inspirations, my goals, my fears, my failures and my learnings. I am daring greatly to allow myself to be vulnerable – because without vulnerability, I cannot grow. Without personal accountability, I cannot learn. Without honesty I cannot laugh and live. So here I am. Vulnerable, honest, scared, accountable and so ready to face the next challenge and fight for my life – the life I want.

 “Being a Lemon Dropper means being the best version of you”.  I belong. You do, too.



*all quoted statements from Lindsay Teague Moreno and team