why would you not want to pee in the potty…and other thoughts of the day

I am in day one of my three day potty training and I am starting to question myself as a patient parent.  One of the keys to this system is, well, patience…so you can guess how my day is going.  I don’t know how many times I have asked myself, “why wouldn’t he want to pee in the potty?  How can peeing in underwear be comfortable or more exciting than the potty?”  Then I realize I have 32 years of experience on this little dude and it makes it better, for the moment.  This three day system by Lora Jensen is pretty awesome, from what I have heard.  Some kids pick it up very quickly and some not until day 3.  I’m thinking we will be on the day 2-3 train seeing as how it is already 2p and we haven’t mastered it yet today.

I have made a chart for the wall in the kitchen because I was struggling with what rewards to give.  I had a couple but the little man has already figured me out.  Oh, all I have to do is sit on the potty and I get something?  Sweet.  I’ll go potty all day, then.  As I adjusted his expectations of the rewards to only be when his pants are dry and he goes in the potty…he became way less interested.

Today is the day I decided I want to get rid of my carpet…

So we will see how tomorrow goes.  I will be hoping and praying and patient with my adorable little man, knowing that he won’t always want to just pee in his pants.

Other thoughts for the day:

Why do I keep smelling syrup?  Oh, that’s right.  I’m using Fenugreek for my milk supply and it makes me smell like syrup.  seriously. I want pancakes

How can I set up my office space, rearrange my house, do the laundry, do the dishes, feed the baby and get the little man on the toilet?  Oh, apparently I can’t.  Messy and disorganized house it is…for now.

What is for dinner?  pancakes sound good.

I need to shower…because I am now fearful I not only smell like syrup, but that I may smell like syrup and pee.

I have two deliveries coming today that cannot get here fast enough.  One for Little Man and one for me.

This little man is the coolest kid I know.  hands down cool.  Even if he pees his pants.

potty training


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